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The best vintage shops in Toulouse

written by Marion Louisa 4 février 2019

It’s finally live! Here is my selection of the best vintage shops in Toulouse.

I love buying second-hand clothing because it is like embarking on a treasure hunt. I love searching until I find THE perfect piece! For those who are still tempted to say « In my opinion it’s dirty », I will dedicate a small article very soon!

This selection is for everyone, from the cheapest to luxury. Be careful, the less expensive it is, the more you have to search, but with a little courage and imagination,you can do wonders! For the most expensive ones, quality clothes promise to stay beautiful for a long time. Remember that quality always has a price, even if it is less than new items, but it is a long-term investment.

You are now ready to take the streets of Toulouse!

Before you start, a little warning! Vintage fashion and second hand is on the rise, pay attention to those who would like to take advantage of your good intentions. Pay attention to the materials and be cautious. An old denim shorts should never cost 30 €, moreover why not rather cut the old jeans dragging at the bottom from your closet?

Finally, even if vintage is cheaper, very eco-responsible, etc. if you don’t need it, you do not need it. Do not use it as an excuses to fill your closet but to buy better and smarter.

Still no inspiration? I offer you a little help! With Margot, a great student in photography at the Beaux Arts, we’ve prepared ideas of ​​outfits composed of vintage clothes only. A little patience, it’s coming…


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