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HOW TO – Draw an ephemeral tattoo

written by Marion Louisa 26 février 2018

Is it too hot to wear any jewellery or cute accessory? Draw yourself a tattoo ! It might seems complicated but it’s not ! Follow the rules and you are gonna kill it.

1. Draw a semicircle and add three petals to ittatouage ephemere
2. Firstly, draw the petals which fall toward you

tatouage ephemere
3. Secondly, on the other side of the heart, the ones in front of you

Tattoo bon Marion Neyrinck

4. With small traits, create shadows that will give volume to you flowerTattoo bon Marion Neyrinck

You can add small leaves at the end. Feel free to add other flowers !! 
tatouage ephemere the look

Caution : Be careful of the pen you’re using on your skin. You can try it first on a small part of your skin to see how it reacts before beginning. You can find some special pens to draw on your skin online.


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