written by Marion Louisa 5 mars 2018

If being conscious about fashion is a challenge, it’s also a necessary changement to protect the humans being and the planet. Even if you don’t see it yet, you wallet would also thank you in the end to buy more consciously. To convince you, i invite you to read my previous article about the environmental prints of our clothes.You’re ready?

Great! To begin with, here are a few tips to get a conscious closet.


1. Culling your closet

A good way to start is to purge your wardrobe. The point is to only keep the closes you like and wear. For the others, you can choose to resell them on second-hand websites such as Vinted and Vestiaire Collective in France and/or to give it to charities such as Emmaüs.

2. Take care of the clothes your own

The second step to get a conscious closet is to take care of the clothes you already own.

To do so, you can try to wash your clothes less. Firstly because it damages it but also because it pollutes water ( it’s explained right here ). It doesn’t make you a dirty person if you don’t put all of your outfit in the laundry machine at the end of the day. As an example, a jean doesn’t need to be wash often because it’s damaging it. If there is a patch, you can wash the area concerned only ! Regarding pullovers, you can wear a t-shirt underneath in order to wash it less often. To protect underwear when you wash it, you can put then in a washing bag. Sort out materials and color is also crucial.

3. Buy less and choose well

The main goal is to avoid compulsive buying that you will regret. When you need a new clothe, think twice before buying it. To help you, you can ask yourself those four questions :

  • Do I have something that I could substitute to it ?
  • Do I have other clothes to match with it ?
  • Can I create a few outfits with it ?
  • Would I get occasions to wear it often ?

A good technique is also to write a list of all the new things you want or need. Keep this list for a month without doing anything. On the next month, if you still want it, go for it!

4. Choose good quality clothes

When you buy clothes, be carefull of the cut and materials. Quality is a crucial point to get clothes that will last. Even if they are a bit expensive you would be able to keep it beautiful a long time. It would be moving saving over time.

5. Buy second-hand and vintage

So many clothes have already been made that you can be sure to find something for you in second-hand and vintage shops. It’s an amazing opportunity to get cheap and good quality clothes with an history.  There are different types of shops : second-hand shop of luxury items, auctions, second-hand clothes website , thrift shops, charity and associations such as  Emmaüs or the Red Cross.

6. Support conscious brands

Your money is also a way to vote for a better futur. Buy your clothes to conscious fashion brand is a way to support a mouvement and a change. If they are more expensive than fast fashion brands, they also respect workers and take care of their environmental prints. A good idea if you still think that they are too expensive is to wait for sales ! I will soon share some great conscious brands I’ve found… Stay update !



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