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4 tips to store and decorate

written by Marion Louisa 27 février 2018

Store your things without ruining your interior decoration can be tricky if you live in a small place… Here are a few ideas to store and decorate your place at the same time !


1. Put wall shelves in corners.

To store books and small items in a decorative way using corners can be very useful!  I had a small space between the window and the kitchen. Now all my class books are stored ! Even my printer !

Rangement étagèresRangement étagères Rangement étagère
In the bedroom, corners where numerous because of an old chimney. I fixed some wood shelves to create a bookshelf where I added small memories and  decorative items.

2. Store your make up in old jam jars

Rangement bocal

3. Get you jewellery out of your drawer

Jewellery is beautiful ! Why not to use it to decorate your place?



4. Put the cooking utensils in a vintage vase

It’s pratical and decorative at the same time ! I found the ones on the picture in a flea market.

Bocaux cuisine


Find out more ideas to decorate your place here !

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